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Re: [IP] Playing softball with my pump!

 My question concerns my pump and playing softball or any other
> athletic event. Currently my pump is clipped to my belt when
> playing, but I am afraid that it is going to get damaged when I
> play.  I don't dare slide!  

your pump should be removed for contact sports so you don't hurt the 
OTHER GUY in a collision or pull out the set.

There are several strategies depending on what your bg's do with 

Basically they involve and extra bolus if you expect bg's to rise as 
many people's do with exertion, a PowerBar or other long acting snack 
if you need carbs. Half your basal for the disconnect time if you are 
stable, or some combination of the above....

Check every 1/2 to 1 hour if you can at the beginning so you can 
establish a plan.

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