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[IP] Sites that itch!! This works!!!!!

I saw this on another pumpers website and thought it might be helpful to
some people:

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Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 12:55 PM
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Subject: Re: [PumpersPlace] Sites that itch!! This works!!!!!

Hello to all!!!

I've been just lurking BUT this is to wonderful not to

This is working for me!!!!!
For over a year I've been on the mini-med pump and my
sites ALWAYS ITCH!!!!  I've tried everything!!!  I
finally asked my Doctor WHAT to do!!!  I had not asked
He thought for a bit and came back with a sample
of!!!! YES, your ready this right!!!!  FLOVENT 110mcg
inhaler!!!  He said it has something in it that helps
with itching and to spray it on the sight before
putting the soft-set in!!!  SO, I clean the area, and
spray three times with the inhaler!!
IT WORKS!!!!!  No more itching AND it itches very
little when I remove after three days!!!!!!!

I hope your doctor will let you try this if you have
the sight itch like I did!!!!
You cannot believe what a relef this has been!!!

Susan Kelly
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