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[IP] chromium

when ever you have a DIRE need for emergency informaiton and no one answers 
you right away, go to our web site and do a search for whatever it is that 
you need information to and you will find your answer.  Over the last  3 1/2 
years with IP I have written 4 or 5 posts re chromium......here is a 
condensation of those posts for you

I most DEFINITELY notice a difference in the utilization and efficiency of my 
insulin.  "They" say that unless your body is LACKING in chromium, you really 
dont need to
supplement.  Me and another pumper have done our own non-givernment funded 
study and we are both believers in it, and while I have not had any test that 
SAYS I am deficient in chromium, I know when I DO take it, I need between 31 
and 35 units per day, and without it need about 15-20 
more...consistently...no matter the phase of the moon or the square root of 
the Dow Jones industrial...so I guess I am defective in the chromium 
department too.  

I have been taking chromium for about 6 years.  I take 200 - 400mcg (?) 
depending on if i get it on sale or not...  It is popular in those diet aids, 
since it has a KNOWN ability to help your body utilize insulin, which is 
great for weight lifters...again, only if you are deficient.  I certainly 
haven't noticed any slimming effects, but have been hoping that all the 
weight loss hype will drive the price down...but don't hold your

Chromium assists the human body in the metabolism of insulin...not everyone 
problems metabolizing insulin - hell, we cant even MAKE it, so maybe we might 
have problems metabolizing it - I don't think there are any scientific 
studies PROVING its effectiveness in us defectives, BUT, can't hurt to try it 

so for your lows, i would ASSUME that yes maybe you are deficient in 
chromium.  If you are gonna take it regualrly, you might want to talk to your 
doctor about lowerling your basal rates...though I tell ya, i hav not run 
into too many doctors who subscribe to this "theory."

And no matter what the quacks tell you, TAKING CHROMIUM can NOT cure 
diabetes, so don't listen to tht crap!

Hope that helps

Sara Smarty pants
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