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Re: [IP] Why i am NOT GLAD I HAVE Diabetes

This is just food for thought, not a criticism of anyone's feelings.

I just got back from visiting my dearest sister-friend, whom I've known
since she was in the 8th grade and I was in the 9th. We're now 52 and

She has Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, and is going to die from it. 

She uses a Flolan pump to keep her breathing, but it's no little thing
like WE have -- it feeds into her pulmonary artery via a permanent,
indwelling catheter, and she can no longer go swimming or even take a

The pump is about 6" x 4" x 1", and the medication must be mixed and the
pump filled every day. And carried in a purse filled with ice-packs,
because it needs constant refrigeration. She can't even be off it for
even 2 minutes, because the life-span of the drug in the blood is only 3
- 5 minutes. So she fills one pump while wearing the other, and then
changes quickly! And what if her pump has a dysfunction? She'd better
call an ambulance, because she only has a few minutes -- she has to be
put on an IV immediately. 

And her medication is not readily available -- has to be prescribed and
special ordered from the manufacturer -- no running into the nearest
drugstore for a bottle!

The drug has side-effects of nausea and dizziness, and will not work
forever -- she WILL die of the disease. Probably within the next 5
years, but maybe 10 if she's lucky. And she's exhausted all the time --
had to quit work (after 28 years as a school psychologist), but cannot
get her pension because she's under the 60-year retirement age

She can't exercise, can't go for walks any more, can't carry groceries
up the stairs, can't plan on being out for the day without feeling ill.
Can't go anyplace where medical care is not available within 5 minutes. 

Nope, sorry, I'd rather have diabetes. It's a disease I can LIVE with,
not die from. 

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