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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder, Hand Cysts = Irritable Pumper?

Korrin Korrin Korrin:  boy I completely understand how you feel right now, 
almost too much.  My doctors had been trying for yrs. to get me to get on the 
pump ( I am 32yrs old, diabetic type 1 for 21yrs. take 3-6 shots a day) and I 
never wanted to go on the pump because, like you I was scared too.  I already 
felt different because of my disease, and thought a pump would just make it 
worse.  Then last yr, i started researching the pump and met all kinds of 
people who have one thru the Diabetes Association meetings, and low and 
behold, I decided that they looked so good, so healthy and I couldn't even 
tell they had a pump, that why couldnt i be like them too.  So i decided to 
tell my new doctor that I want one now, this is about 2 months ago, and she 
said I am not a good candidate for one and wont sign for me to get one, so as 
of right now I am switching doctors.  Not only that, I told my boyfriend (*ex 
now) that I wanted a pump and had gotten sick last month and was in the 
hospital and do you think he visited or called.  Nope.  LOSER.  He said  he 
couldnt handle all of this diabetes stuff, and thought the pump would draw 
too much attention.  Loser like I said.  So I got rid of him like I am going 
to get rid of my doctor.  I know it's an old Saying and all but, If he  and 
your ex can't accept and love us for the wonderful and sweet (haha) diabetic 
girls that we are, they can just stick to normal grumpy girls.  haha  and 
besides I'm sure there are plenty of superficial girls out there just waiting 
to go on dates with our boyfriends so more power to them.  I have since 
realized he was such a loser that i am mad at myself for even dating him in 
the first place and soon you will come to the same realization.  This site is 
so wonderful because they too have given me alot of info and talked thru some 
stuff about the pump with me so you and I have come to the right place.  they 
all say it has changed their lives and made life great for them, so I think 
you and me will be next.  Write me anytime, hang in there your day will come 
soon, jaki
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