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[IP] bg's that fluctuate with female hormones?

I'm sure there are other gals out there who have bg's that tend to run high 
or low, depending on "time of the month," and I'm having a big problem with 
it.  About mid-cycle (doc says probably while I'm ovulating) I have 3-4 lows 
a day.  The week before and during my period, they gradually run higher, and 
then go back to normal levels after.  My doc says I can have alternate basal 
rates for these periods, and save them as rate a, b, c, etc.  The problem is, 
my periods are never regular.  My gyn says for my age this is normal.  She 
also said because of the pill I'm on, maybe because of the diabetes, and 
again because of my age, I can sometimes skip periods all together.  Now, 
sometimes this is a blessing- no more cramps and less PMS-but I can't predict 
the times when I'm ovulating (low bg's) or PMS (higher bg's).  So how do I 
use different basal rates when I don't know when it will be happening?  Does 
anyone else have this problem?  

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