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[IP] Re: future of pumping

I would definitely not go for an implantable pump.  What if the thing went 
haywire and didn't respond to whatever outside method you were using to 
control it?  I like having the pump at my fingertips.  I guess there's just 
so much about this disease I can't control, at least I can manually control 
my pump, you know?  As for the 24 hour sensor with the insulin pump, I hope 
they come out with that very soon.  I have a really hard time testing bg's- 
that is probably one of my biggest hang-ups when it comes to getting into 
better control.  It's partly the pain, partly the inconvenience, sometimes 
forgetfulness, and of course some part laziness... but it's a struggle to get 
myself to test at all for whatever reason, and a 24 hour sensor would be a 
lifesaver for me.  My doc is putting me on the 24 hour sensor they have now 
that you put on for 3 days then go back to the office, and that will be 
nice... but I really would love more than anything to have a bg sensor that I 
can insert with my pump site and have the numbers come up on my pump... it 
would be very much like an external manual pancreas.  Well, that's my 2 cents 
for what it's worth.


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