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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder, Hand Cysts = Irritable Pumper?

In a message dated 4/19/01 6:24:13 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> , I 
> am 22 and was diagniosed at the age of 5. I am single and live alone I have 
> had several seizures due to lows. I am so most embarassed because at work I 
> had a reaction and the other older ladies that I work with kinda made fun 
> of 
> me Not to mention the guy that I was seeing Left and never came back after 
> I 
> explained that I was considering this treatment. He said that no matter how 
> preety Iwas that he couldn't deal with a handi capped girlfriend. nevermind 
> all that I am still a bit bitter.   

first of all--and those of you who dont want to hear a few harsh words should 
stop now--for those women who MADE FUN of you, basically if they dont want to 
learn about what was happening to you, tell them to simply kiss your @$$!!  
secondly, i know the feeling of living alone and having seizures... everyone 
says, "just get married so you have someone to take care of you."  well, 
sorry, but i'm not that type of person... if i am going to get married, i 
will get married because I WANT to, not because i need someone to take care 
of me!  i'm too independent for that and it's just all the wrong reasons!  
i hear all the time about my living alone and how dangerous it is, but 
believe me, you get used to it and your body does tend to be a little more 
aware when you know there is no one there to help you should you need it!  i 
choose to be this way... i have a man in my life who has literally BEGGED me 
to marry him and to move to Ohio so he can take care of me... but until i'm 
ready to marry for the RIGHT reasons, i will choose not to marry at all  :O)  
not that this subject even came up...LOL... i just got on a rampage!
and that brings me to the idiot who said no matter how pretty you are that he 
cant have a handicapped girlfriend!  what the ()#%&*#()8 does that mean?  
handicapped because of the pump?  well, you should tell him if he doesn't 
want you to wear it and wants to stay with you then, you will be much more 
handicapped in the future IF you get complications from diabetes which can be 
helped by the pump!  tell him to ponder on that one with his logical little 
i'm sorry you have to go through this!  i wish you all the best and all the 
luck with the pump YOU ARE GOING to get... i am sure you wont regret it... 
and you deserve better than all of this crap going on now with these idiotic 
people and their idiotic senseless comments!
do for you... you are the oNLY one who will ALWAYS be there for you!!
all my best (as liz would say),
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