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[IP] women's iron levels

Elizabeth wrote:
>>> Another thing that I'm confused about.... I went to ,my primary to get
released for surgery and he said NO, he wouldn't release me. He said that my
 Hemaglobin was too low at 8.9. Then, he said to me that women need to be at
11.5 at the very least!! Ok, can someone explain this?? >>>

I will agree to that minimum level, HOWEVER he should have told you what to do
to bring it up. When I told my dr. I was clotting every month he said,
"Menstrual blood doesn't clot!" Wellllllll, then what was? I went to a GYN and
the endometriosis was doing it and at that time ('79) I had a hysterectomy.
Docs arguing with patients when the dr. doesn't know the answer doesn't help
the doc or the patient. I'm going to suggest you see a GYN and get a solution
to your problem. I'll bet you are tired most of the time. (~_^)

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