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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder, Hand Cysts = Irritable Pumper?

I am considering the use of the pump and really apprieated the honest opion 
about your experiences with the pump. Everyone else has seemed to go  on and 
on about how great it is and honestly I am scared and nervous about this but 
it sems to be my only option If you could share any more honest bits I'd be 
so greatful, I am an insulin dependant 3 times daily for the past 17 years, I 
am 22 and was diagniosed at the age of 5. I am single and live alone I have 
had several seizures due to lows. I am so most embarassed because at work I 
had a reaction and the other older ladies that I work with kinda made fun of 
me Not to mention the guy that I was seeing Left and never came back after I 
explained that I was considering this treatment. He said that no matter how 
preety Iwas that he couldn't deal with a handi capped girlfriend. nevermind 
all that I am still a bit bitter.   Please share any info that you can
                                                           Korinne ------- 
email @ redacted
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