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[IP] the book small letters

Jack stated:
From: Jack Granowski <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: THE BOOK???

This also is not a flame.  I just don't understand
some of these things.

<snip>  I don't understand how any
mention of THE BOOK could even remotely be
considered disrespectful.  Phrases like THE BOOK
must be taken in context.  Wherever I've seen it
here has only been in regard to dm care.  If I see
it in drugs, I would think of the PDR.
LORI inserts one response here:
Nowhere in my posts did I ever mention any disrespect about the PI book.  My
post merely stated that it was getting over pushed and that it was getting
annoying to see it  pushed on every newbie etc.  I have since had many nasty
flames and I am still holding firm.  I meant and said NO disrespect of John
Walsh's book.
Jack says:

What I haven't seen addressed is that I hadn't
realized that this list was exclusively for
Christians.  Why should people who are not Christian
be concerned about using a phrase as innocuous as
THE BOOK.  Although I may be Christian, I don't feel
that my views should be required on anyone else.
Nor do I want anyone else's views anointed onto me.

Maybe there should be a Christian pumpers list?
LORI inserts comment here:
I didn't see any mention of this here, I had stated that I wasn't overly
religious, but to compare the PI book to the Bible is what also bothered me.
I guess  I will just leave it alone since no one really got the gist of what
I meant in my post.  Just never mind please.
Also there is a Religious pumping list, please correct me admins if I am
wrong, but I thought there was one started also??
- --
email @ redacted

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
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email @ redacted
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