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Re: [IP]The future of pumping...

chris, hello I am 22 years old, and have been an insulin dependant diabetic 
for 17 years. I notice that you have only had the pump since Feb. how is it ? 
Is hard to change it? Have you expierced any problems ? I am finally starting 
to research the pump and my options. I am suffering with having been on three 
injections a day. my scar tissue is quite noticable. I have already been 
discriminated against when a guy that I WAS seeing saw the info packets and 
then I explained it to him He then told me he can't deal with someone that 
has a handicap.  One of my main worries is acceptance and finding some way to 
relate to someone that might be able to answer more personal questions rather 
than the representatives from the selling company. If you can share or help 
in anyway it would be apprieacated. thank you and good luck. You can email me 
at email @ redacted             Korinne R. Confused and concerned individule
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