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[IP] Just a couple of things.....

Ok, I am getting my pump TOMORROW!! Whooo  hoooo Yipee..... YEAH!!!!  Ok, 
there's just a little problem...it's NOT BRUNO and no, it's NOT Skippy 
either!! I'm now getting an Htron in place of my Dtron because the D is on 
back order.... LOL....that's just the way it goes, some things will never 
change..... (As the song and my life goes!! LOL)

Secondly, Since I thought of this, I feel SO brilliant, but in June, my 
insurance will be changing to Blue Cross/Blue Shield instead of this CRAPPY 
Tricare BS that I have. Well, that's just about the time my Dtron is supposed 
to be coming in!! So, I thought....hey, my insurance THEN will pay for 
Skippy, so I'll just tell Disatronic that I've decided to NOT go with them 
and get my Skippy instead!!! Whooo hooo......great idea or what?? So, I'll 
just be using the Dis as a loaner pump!!! 

Another thing that I'm confused about.... I went to ,my primary to get 
released for surgery and he said NO, he wouldn't release me. He said that my 
Hemaglobin was too low at 8.9. Then, he said to me that women need to be at 
11.5 at the very least!! Ok, can someone explain this?? I'm REALLY confused. 
Guess I should've asked him but I was still in shock, I guess.

Ok, for now, that's the last of my rant....thanks for listening...
All my best, 
(Still walking around without her panties in a wad!!! LOL)
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