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[IP] the book (small letters) :)

Thank you very much for no flames, I got burnt a lot today.  I totally agree
with everyone on the reasoning behind the PI book, it was just getting very
annoying to me to keep seeing everything "THE BOOK" this and that.  I myself
have PI and love it, but I do not force it on every newbie etc, I was not
brought up to be a pushy person.  I try to lead by example, and I would see
that everyone does.  I was  just to the point of wanting to unsub because of
all the BOOK talking and all.  Again I meant no offense, I am just entitled
to my own opinion and I let it be known.
Thanks again, and I do understand.  I, along with several others, would
appreciate it being, as Michael wrote, The Insulin Pumpers Book" or
something to that effect. (sorry Michael, my mind got fried today)

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
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email @ redacted
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