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Re: [IP] Insulin nasal spray.....

Elizabeth wrote:

>>Hmmm....how accurate is it?  How do we know how much we
sniffed up and how much is still slimeing around in our nostrils? Plus, for
you guys out there with hairy nostrils, how are you going to get the right
amount if the hair catches most of it??? (Shave the inside of your nose??)
Anyhow, IF this nasal spray does come out, I'd use it!!! Better than EVER
having to stab yourself.  Also, IF it's reliable, most likely, most type 1s
will want to be on this. <<

I was told it was more like an inhaler, similar to what a person with asthma
uses.  It goes more directly to the lungs and doesn't hang around in the

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