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Re: [IP] need help - Michael

> You also must have the bg/insulin ratio correct. Post meal lows are
> an indication that the carb/insulin ratio may be too low. IF you are
> sure about the carb intake, records of carb + insulin in your logs, +
> carbs to correct for low should allow you to calculate a new
> carb/insulin ratio, or make a percentage adjustment of the ratio. It
> is easy to confuse this ratio being off with basals being out of
> whack. Fasting data will help differentiate these problems, but as
> you've seen, it tough to get the data when bg's are always out of
> range. Pick a period of the day where stability is the best and work
> from that point onward.
> Michael


At this point, I really don't know what is or isn't correct. Her doctor
raised her basals quite high and then we started have problem before lunch
on school days and then Eve's doctor lowered her breakfast bolus on school
days b/c of gym. On Tuesday she forgot to bolus for breakfast and for her
high (she was 228 at breakfast) and 2 hours later she was 223 just before
gym, she had 3 carbos(45 grams) for breakfast. To me this suggests that her
basals are way too high. Or am I reading to much in to this. Last week she
bolus for her high and breakfast and 2 hours later she was 40. But then
other days she has been 119 at this same time.

I don't think that she is stable anytime of the day. That's what is so
frustrating. I don't know where to start.

Eve's basals are

midnight to 5a.m.  1.4
5a.m. to midnight   1.3

Any more suggestions.

Deborah mom to Eve 13.75 and Zoe
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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