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Re: [IP] posting private replys

At 12:32 PM 4/19/2001 email @ redacted wrote:
 >  Whne I do a private replu I delete the IP SEND TO address and put in the
 >private email address.  This should take care of it right???  That is why I
 >was puzzled to receive an email from a member saying that this person was
 >tired of seeing all of my replies to various things....That they were 
 >up on his Digests.  I'm not angry at this person at all!!!  It just made me
 >think that I  was doing something wrong and I wanted to make sure that no 
 >else was doing the same thing!

As I said, the safest option is to use Forward, not Reply. That makes sure 
there aren't any "To" addresses that you might have missed. Accidents do 

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