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[IP] Fwd: Apology

Please forgive me.....
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I told so many over the past days I hoped you wouldn't leave IP and that
they mustv allow for the fact you may have your own problems as most of us

Noneed for such an appology.  I do my crying alone and know where you are
more than you cna imagine.

Anyway TTYL as I'm busy today but your letter makes me want to hug you and
tell you how worried I was about you after others started bashing.  PLease
know they all told me in provate that they hoped you didn't leave IP over
the silly exchanges.  Between friends, who cares?

I am doing Prozac now - the music group - I wish durgs worked on me.

TTYS and stay in touch, OK?

>Dear Darrin:
>I want to express my heartfelt apologies for the rude and inconsiderate mail
>expressing my discussing comments made to you a few days ago.
>To say I was having trouble (agitation) that day is putting it mildly.
>I didn't ever realize it until I became more agitated, griped to my husband
>and started crying hysterically for over an hour.
>I had begun a new antidepressant and had been on it for 2 wks. and I guess it
>was just kicking in.  The DR told me it could cause dry mouth and agitation
>for a short time and those symptoms would subside after a few wks.
>However, I will humbly accept the responsibility for my extremely poor
>behavior and ask you, and the list to please forgive me.
>I have suffered depression for the past 30 yrs. of DM and from some very
>tough family problems.  I know about depression, first hand.
>I would really like you to know that normally I am a very compasionate/caring
>Please for give me Darrin and list.  I love this list! I have donated to it
>and have told every one I know that has diabetes about this place where there
>are many loving, intelligent people who can teach us and love us through this
>My humble apologies to all I have hurt.  Please forgive
>I stopped taking the new medication and will continue to use Prozac which I
>have on for a long time and helps me tremendously.

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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