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[IP] Convincing docs of pumps

RoseLea wrote:
>>> My doctor was also not pro-pump.  I finally made graphs of my bgs (which
looked like a true roller coaster ride) and wrote down everything I ate, how
much insulin I took that day and gave him the sheets.  With the graphs going
from high to low to high to low up and down, I exclaimed that "this is not
good control!) even though my A1c's were great (in the 5's).  My next visit
with him, he had changed his tune and he recommended the pump for me.  (I had
already planned to find a new doctor if he didn't approve the pump for me, I
even had a name and phone number written down).  So, don't give up, do what
you gotta do to get the pump.  >>>

I can remember about a year ago when RoseLea was soooooo frustrated and said
she'd probably never get a pump. I told her pretty soon it would be years ago
and she'd even be telling others how to get one. It's almost a year now,
another one to go and I can say it. <VBG>

RL is one of the best pump promoters. She convinced a gal at the BASH whom I'd
been working on for quite some time. ;)

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