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[IP] Insulin nasal spray.....

I had spoke with my endo yesterday (He's not very useful I might add...I go 
in, tell him what I want, what I need signed, whatever and then I leave) and 
he told me that the insulin inhaler is coming out next year and YES it is for 
type 1 diabetics. Hmmm....how accurate is it?  How do we know how much we 
sniffed up and how much is still slimeing around in our nostrils? Plus, for 
you guys out there with hairy nostrils, how are you going to get the right 
amount if the hair catches most of it??? (Shave the inside of your nose??)  
Anyhow, IF this nasal spray does come out, I'd use it!!! Better than EVER 
having to stab yourself.  Also, IF it's reliable, most likely, most type 1s 
will want to be on this. I think it's a positive step for diabetics!! I think 
it shows we're progressing in our disease's treatment.

Oh, just a little rant here...if you don't want to hear it...please cancel 
post now.....
While I was at my doctor's office getting him to sign some paperwork, I tell 
him that
he has a meeting with the Dis rep on Friday.  My doc says yes, he knows but 
he's NOT wanting to learn about the Dis pump. He said he put that it was 
medically necessary for me to get the MM pump and my insurance turned him 
down. So now, because he ONLY wants to meet with MM, he wants to know nothing 
about Dis!! So, I'm on my own with this one he said.  Also, when I called Dis 
to ask when my pump was getting here, they said that the Dtron is on back 
order until June...So, I have to use an Htron until then.  An Htron? If 
that's what I wanted, I would have ordered that one!!!! My insurance changes 
carriers in June!!! LOL....so perhaps by then, I'll be on my Blue Cross/Blue 
Shield PPO and they'll approve of me being on the MM!!! Then, I can get that 
one!! Heee heee, never know!! Whoo hoooo
Ok, end of my little rant, 
All my best, 
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