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Interesting thread indeed.  Well it does seem that the  THE BOOK and 
THE GOOD BOOK do in fact have lots in common:
1.  Both were written and published by human beings.
2.  Both are of great interest and importance to a limited subset of 
the human population.
3.  Both describe a way of life
4.  Violating the guidelines set forth in each may cause mental anguish
5.  Violating the guidelines set forth in each has in the past caused 
great physical suffering
6.  True believers in each get easily annoyed by those who mock the 
rules therein ;-)

>...(vbg)Who started this thing with calling Pumping
>Insulin "THE BOOK"??? This is getting very annoying
>to me and a few others, and I am sorry, I am not
>overly religious, we have another list serve for
>that, but I see no reason why you all are calling it
>this.  A Bible is a sacred thing, and here you
>are (some of you only, not all) speaking about it
>like its the greatest thing on earth...
>Can't WE just help them without pushing this book,
>which, don't get me wrong, IS a great book, but
>its NOT the book to live by as you all are making it
>sound.  Doctor's advice is the best way to go IMO,
>and I am allowed my opinion.
>Lori A. Willey
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