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Re: [IP] Questions about batteries, weight, and average time to

> First of all, this one is for anyone on the MM508, Do you change
> your batteries every 6 weeks, or is it ok to let the pump alarm you
> when they are low, then change the batteries?

Usually you will have many hours of battery life left when the pump 
alarms. Change the batteries as convenient after the first alarm.
> Second Question, I think I asked this one before, but didn't get
> much of a response, I have only been using Humalog since December,
> and started pumping March 28th. I have lost 10lbs since starting on
> humalog. (loss of 2-3lbs a month) My doctor says that most people
> gain weight with the pump, I guess it could be that I no longer have
> a lot of lows, so no need to eat extra carbs... I don't know it just
> seems kind of strange.
People both gain and loose weight after starting pump therapy. What 
happens is that you can eat "normally" instead of eating to cover 
lows + snacks. OR, eating when you want too. 

The "want too's" gain weight, those who are really tired of the 
snacks and don't want to eat may loose weight. People with pumps are 
no different in that respect than anyone else in the general 

> Third and last question... How long is the average time to figure
> out basal rates when starting on the pump?  I have been pumping for
> 3 weeks, with no great success. 
Days or months. My daughter and I once spent an entire month just 
trying to figure out night time basal rates. Testing one 
night, skipping a night or two then testing again until we 
could get repeatable data. Sometimes we had to skip because 
she was not in range to do a basal profile or there was 
unusual sports activity that day. Finally nailed it. The daytimes  
were a piece of cake.

> I felt better the first week or so,
> but I am still having a lot of highs, especially at 2:00a.m. 

Don't rule out an undetected night time low. This will cause a lot of 
highs and unstable bg's during the day

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