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Re: [IP] basal testing in range

> Sylvia stated:
> I've just never heard of this needing to be 'in range' to test.  And
> I've not seen it mentioned in the P.I. book either??!!

Here's the problem, you figure it out.
If you are too low, the results are obvious and you don't want to go 
around low. If too high, your kidneys are busy dumping glucose 
overboard and your are insulin resistant to boot. How does one 
measure bg stability in this mode?? Some people begin spilling 
glucose with bg's as low as 180. 

basal testing with bg's low is not usually a problem IF you know your 
carb/bg ratio accurately and use only glucose tabs to correct the 
low. You can easily offset the data collection by the expected rise 
in bg values AND this can be tested easily while it's happening. i.e. 
you should see the expected rise in bg's over a 15-30 minute period.

What's a good "range" -- 65 - 165, maybe..... up to 180-200, but the 
data should be repeatable in any event.

READ the Basal Rate Testing HOWTO on the web site HOWTO pages.

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