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Re: [IP] need help

> Eve's bg are really out of whack.
> Last Wednesday she was home from school sick(cold), so I checked bg
> more frequently and found that she was 70 less then 2 hours after
> breakfast and was 70 less then 2 hours after lunch and was 70 2
> hours after supper.

You also must have the bg/insulin ratio correct. Post meal lows are 
an indication that the carb/insulin ratio may be too low. IF you are 
sure about the carb intake, records of carb + insulin in your logs, + 
carbs to correct for low should allow you to calculate a new 
carb/insulin ratio, or make a percentage adjustment of the ratio. It 
is easy to confuse this ratio being off with basals being out of 
whack. Fasting data will help differentiate these problems, but as 
you've seen, it tough to get the data when bg's are always out of 
range. Pick a period of the day where stability is the best and work 
from that point onward.

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