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Re: [IP] the book

Bonnie (Kathy1432) g writes,"I'm a pacifist and don't want to upset anyone."

Well, I'm NOT a pacifist but I don't like hurting people's feelings either. 
However, IF everyone has read this book by John Walsh, they too would see 
that this is THE book to read to learn more about pumping.  I know that a lot 
of us get good training on how to use their pump, however, some of us do/did 
not. But if we pick up,"PUMPING INSULIN", there should be an answer to any of 
the problems we have. No one set out to offend any kind of religious group by 
calling this book, "THE BOOK" they meant, " THE BOOK" for pumping insulin!  
Don't get your panties in a wad anyone, just take it for what it's worth. WE 
are not a religious group on here, just a bunch of people who happen to be 
diabetic/and or use the pump.  Life's too short to get mad at every little 
thing. So, if someone calls this "The Pumpers' Bible", or "THE BOOK" or 
anything else, just remember, that's all they are doing is showing someone, 
who is usually new that this book is the right one to read to understand 
Thank you for your time, patients, and understanding!!!!!!!!
All my best, 
Elizabeth, Bruno, and  "the midget" LOL....hee hee
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