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[IP] Jessica's highs

Grrrrr, after 20 hours of extreme highs Jessica is
back to normal.  Still can't figure it out though. 
Came home Tuesday from school reading HI on her meter.
 Changed site, gave injection.  1 hour later still HI,
2 hours later still HI.  Came down to 550 around 7 pm.
 Gave her a tiny bit of food and she shot right back
up to HI.  At 10:30 that night she finally came back
down to 505.  geez!  Stayed hi all night, no matter
what the bolus or injection.  Woke up at 387, ate a
small breakfast, still has small ketones and now has a
trace of non-hemolized blood in her urine?  She went
to school, called me at 10:30 with a reading of 426! 
Had her bolus again, and by lunch she was 119 finally.
 Stayed in range, actually went low in the late
afternoon, for the rest of the day.  Went to bed at
119 and woke up this morning at 112.  So it wasn't the
insulin, wasn't the site, she isn't sick...any other
ideas?  And what about the blood, any ideas on that?

Sorry so long, but I am frustrated at what could have

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, 9, dx'd @ 9 months, pumping, and Jarred, 10 and a great help!

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