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[IP] Long, does have some interesting observations-How things went-hand surgery

Thank you to all who answered my note a few days ago.  I am now sitting here 
with my "Football" surgical dressing gleefully waiting for my surgeon's 
appointment tomorrow at 9 am to get rid of this bulk.

I am so grateful for my new endo and Nurse Educator team.  I have been seeing 
them for about 18 months and this is the first time I have had surgery since 
getting them on my "team".  Even though I asked the question about eating at 
4 am, I did follow my instructions and was good.  I did not eat or drink 
after midnight and woke up at 6:30 am with a 49 blood sugar!

in years past I would have eaten about 3 Glucose tablets to raise the blood 
sugar and would have taken the chance of getting nauseated from the 
anesthesia.  This time I set a temporary basal of 0 (turned off the 0.7unit 
per hour basal) for 30 minutes and retested 30 minutes later.  Blood sugar 
was 56 then so I repeated the 30 minute temporary basal of 0.  Thirty minute 
later 97.

Hubby drove me to the hospital (45 minute trip).  About 90 minutes later 
sugar was 162.  I calculated my sliding scale adjustment to reduce a high 
blood sugar and took 0.6 units (one half of what I normally would take).  One 
hour later going into surgery blood sugar was 109 and for the next two hours, 
(surgery and recovery) stayed from 105 to 133.  I showed the nurse 
anesthetist how reactive my blood sugars can be to very little insulin 
(presents or lack there of) and he started ringers with a piggyback of 
dextrose (which he never gave me).  They tested me every 30 minutes and 
everything went well.  By the time I left I was being called "Miss 109" since 
I so impressed the staff with that blood sugar level!

Right now I have been fighting 250 blood sugars which I am not sure is 
because of too little physical activity or my body's reaction to the "trauma" 
of surgery.  Waiting about an hour longer and I plan on increasing my basal 
rates . 01 unit per hour across the board for about 24 hours.  (per 
consultation with the endo).

Waiting because 90 minutes ago I took a sliding scale bolus and I do not want 
to come crashing down.

Bottom line I did NOT get nauseated thanks to learning about temporary basals 
of 0.  I actually taught the nurses and other staff about the pump and 
aggressive management of blood sugars.  Hopefully I will get the 250's into 
normal ranges with the temporary change in my basal rates.

Now I am going to be a "lurker" because typing this message with one hand has 
taken me almost 30 minutes to type!

Thanks for everyone's help including Jan Hughey who gave me the advice of 
setting up an extra infusion set in case I would need it during my "football" 
time. Haven't used it yet but if I do, I will be ready!  the only other thing 
I have done is I normally so not use the Sub Q sets from Minimed because of a 
horrendous tape allergy, I am now!  Thought it would be easier with one good 
hand, to use the inserter and the Sub Q set rather than having to use a 
second hand to "pinch" the skin so the good hand could insert the Silhouette 

Thanks one and all for everything!

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