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I just want to let you know I am not flaming you. I
always enjoy your posts and find them very worth
while. I think after someone posts there opinion, we
should all be able to discuss and comment in a kind
and appropriate manner. If we just post and close off
discussion from the group, it defeats the purpose of
this group.

I agree with you the Bible is a sacred book and more,
but I will have to comments on the Pumping Insulin
issue. John Walsh's books have changed my life. I am
going to tell you my story and maybe you will
understand where I am coming from. 

In December 1998, I had fair control, but decided to
do tight control. My primary care physician was no
help. In fact, he would change my insulin during an
office visit, then call me later that night and tell
me not to change it. The wait time to get in with an
endo was 3-4 months. 

I did see an endo later who didn't read my meticulous
log book and when he did gave unclear instructions
through his nurse. I was having highs a couple hours
after waking everyday regardless of whether I ate or
not. The nurse would call me and say take one unit and
not be able to explain when. During this time period,
I came across John Walsh's book Stop the Rollercoaster
and his Diabetes Mall website. It really helped me.
After reading Mr. Walsh's book, I quickly discovered
my problem was unrecognized nighttime reactions, 
meaning a person usually sleeps through a low blood
sugar which releases blood sugar raising stress
hormones for 8-10 hours. I checked every night at 2:00
a.m. for 4 nights and found my blood sugar levels were
in the 20-30 range (No one should wait 4 nights to
make an adjustment when getting low readings. That was
stupid on my part!). This pattern showed up clearly on
all of in all of my log books because I was fasting to
try and adjust the Ultralente. The endo should have
recognized the pattern, if he was really analyzing my
log books. 

I could never get a call back from this endo and he
was too busy to see me for another 3 months. I
attempted to adjust the Ultralente, but one unit up or
down swayed my blood sugars too low or too high.
Waking up either in the 30 or 300 range is no fun!
John Walsh's Stop The Rollercoaster recommended the
insulin pump for this sort of situation, so I went and
bought his book Pumping Insulin. I found a doctor who
had 50 patients on the pump therapy. (That is a big
number for our area. Kansas City is one big cow town!)
During my pump start, I only received 1 1/2 hours of
education plus daily telephone support for a week. I
was sent home with 2 sheets of paper. So, Pumping
Insulin was a must in my situation. Even the pump endo
would tell me what to do but not why. How can anyone
really utilize a $5,000 durable medical device without
more education than that? 

I had a difficult time wearing the pump. This group
probably was sick of hearing me whine :]    Every time
I thought about quitting, the education and the WHYs I
received from Pumping Insulin kicked in. I knew it
would be stupid for me to quit. The end of the story
is I didn't quit and all of my A1C tests have been
under 7% for the past two years. 

The reason this story ends happy ever after is because
of Mr. Walsh's books. I am sure many members on this
list have similar stories. So, if someone asks a
question and it is the first piece given, I think it
is great advice. 

Andrea Seitz
Diabetic 32 years
Pumping 2 years because of John Walsh :]

>Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 18:51:19 -0400
>From: "Lori A. Willey" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] THE BOOK

>...(vbg)Who started this thing with calling Pumping
>Insulin "THE BOOK"??? This is getting very annoying
>to me and a few others, and I am sorry, I am not
>overly religious, we have another list serve for
>that, but I see no reason why you all are calling it
>this.  A Bible is a sacred thing, and here you
>are (some of you only, not all) speaking about it
>like its the greatest thing on earth...
>Can't WE just help them without pushing this book,
>which, don't get me wrong, IS a great book, but
>its NOT the book to live by as you all are making it 
>sound.  Doctor's advice is the best way to go IMO,
>and I am allowed my opinion.

>PS I am done, and if you want to flame me, do it off 
>list, don't waste valuable space please.

>Lori A. Willey
>First Express Inc.
>email @ redacted, or
>email @ redacted

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