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[IP] the book

Lori, you said 
>>>>>>>>>>>Who started this thing with calling Pumping Insulin "THE BOOK"???
This is
getting very annoying to me and a few others,<<<<<<<<<<,

I am the one who spoke in loud voice about  "Pumping Insulin" being THE BOOK
for insulin pumpers.  Many of those on the list have referred to it,
including me, as the "insulin pumpers' bible".   Certainly no offense was
intended to anyone. The analogy was simply to convey the newcomers the
importance of being very familiar with "Pumping Insulin" to help them in
their daily life as a pumper, just as many people use the Bible to help them
in their daily life.   Twelve Step programs refer to their book used for
guidance as "The Big Book" and no offense is intended there either.   Just
to take it one step further, Webster's says the Bible, among other
descriptions, "....is any book regarded as authoritative or official."  I
certainly regard "Pumping Insulin" as authoritative.  

So without offending anyone, may we still refer to "Pumping Insulin" as the
pumper's bible?   I promise never to capitalize "the book" again.  Can't
make that grinny face like Gina or I would make one now....I am a pacifist
and don't want to upset anyone.  OK?

Bonnie Richardson
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