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Re: [IP] Questions about weight

Stephanie wrote:

>>Second Question, I think I asked this one before, but didn't get much of a
response, I have only been using Humalog since December, and started pumping
March 28th. I have lost 10lbs since starting on humalog. (loss of 2-3lbs a
month) My doctor says that most people gain weight with the pump, I guess it
could be that I no longer have a lot of lows, so no need to eat extra
carbs... I don't know it just seems kind of strange.<<

Stephanie, I've lost 24 pounds since starting pumping in May of last year.
I told my endo that now, not only can I choose what to eat, but what not to
eat as well.  I'm no longer treating the many lows I had with MDI, I no
longer have to eat tons when I'm exercising so the weight's just dropped off
very easily.  I was overweight so we all consider this to be a good thing.
I'd like to lose another 10 pounds yet and am working on it...

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