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[IP] Quickset is inserted....now the wait :)

Hi everyone,

First, thanks to all the people who took a look at the new webpage!!  It is
much appreciated :)

I was sent some samples of the Quickset a few days ago, but the first site
change with them was last night.  Erica, being a needlephobe, was stressed to
the max because she doesn't much like to try something new.  Especially if it
is pointy LOL!  The main reason I wanted to try the Quickset with Erica is to
allow her more independence and encourage her to do her own insertions.
Having a selfserter will make all the difference in the world.  A big
needlephobe, and she would rather have had a sil insertion last night than try
the Quickset!  She loves the sils.....although she HATES a site change.  The
site we used last night was in her buttocks, but it is a little lower than we
usually go.  It will take a few insertions to get accustomed to where the
Quickset actually inserts once it leaves the inserter.

A question to those of you who may have been fortunate enough to attend the
chat about the quickset.
How much do they recommend to prime the cannula afrer insertion?  I used a .5
prime.  I don't know if the higher sugars after insertions were from the
stress (Erica was doing the nervous giggle dance), or too little insulin to
fill the cannula.  They have since settled down.

There are 2 more samples to use, and it will take more than that see if the
Quickset will be successful for Erica.  We are using the 6mm short needle.  As
Erica is now a raging hormone on feet, it will be difficult to prove the
worthiness of the Quickset with her.  Sugars can go hog wild!  It is crazy.
thank God for the pump or I would be a nervous wreck.

Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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