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[IP] Re: Disetronic DiaPort

> I was wondering if anyone had heard an update on
> Disetronic's DiaPort system. I guess the
> USA is saying it could be years before it is
> by the FDA, but it is already approved as a
> in Europe.

I looked into it, quite a bit, last summer.
Disetronic told me that the research was going very
well in Europe and would begin in San Diego, last
fall.  It was explained that this type of research
is much quicker for the fda approval because it's
not drugs and does not need as many participants.
It seemed to be a little bit on the QT of how it was
to be researched and promoted.

A peritoneal shunt would be a big help for me, with
my often delayed response (a shunt would be as quick
as a real pancreas), which has to be balanced with
my gastro, and my sites often going bad.  The MM
inplant will not help these problems, because that
is still subcutaneous.  The doctors I've asked about
it here, are cautious about its possibility.

Are there any list members in San Diego that may
have heard of this there?
email @ redacted
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