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Re: [IP] Quick Set Question For Sylvia (Josh's Mom)

In a message dated 4/19/01 12:42:05 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> !!
>    ALSO...and this is a BIGGIE for us.....HE DID IT!!!!!!  Josh did his 
> first 
> site by himself tonight, including priming the tubing and everything.  

so happy for you and josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  wooooo hooooooo......way to go 
gurl!!!!!!!!  LOL.....
as for the QuickSets, i heard someone else mention this too about the back 
order, but when i inquired about it they said they have enough for eveyrone 
and so did the guy in chat...... the guys from MiniMed......
i will call again tomorrow and see if they say the same thing...... i have a 
box coming soon and they "said" they would ship it out the normal way, fedex 
two day or overnight...... i wonder what is going on...i'll have to call back!
also, did they tell you you are getting the inserter free...or do you already 
ahve it?  i'm thinking you have it from your post about the set and josh 
putting it in himself (congrats again!), but maybe it was a sof-set..........
if they didnt tell you you were getting it, call back and ask to talk with 
Chris in the Cali office......... she is the one who said they are shipping 
inserters with all their orders for free, that it was company policy at least 
for now......
congrats again sylvia...i'm very happy for you  :O)
gina, mr clicks (MM508) & mr pokey (FreeStyle meter)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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