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Re: [IP] THE BOOK & Jaki Padilla's doc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> Doctor's advice
> is the best way to go IMO, and I am allowed my opinion.
> Lori
> as you can see by Jaki Padilla's post, sometimes doctors have no advice 
which makes it even sadder........how terrible to be told you cannot go on a 
pump by a doctor.....what advice do you get then?  from whom?  they dont know 
how crappy we feel day in and day out from high sugars.....they have no clue! 
 so many people here have done it alone with this book and are living a happy 
or happier life and feeling much better!!!!!!!  sometimes we take for granted 
things we have in the sense that we dont know how it feels to have a doc be 
against our wanting to pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i cant imagine this and it really 
()#&*%)#(@*%r me off to hear a doc against the pump.....but they are out 
i feel for this girl.......it's hard enough to decide to pump on your own (my 
doctor BEGGED me for five years to get on the pump) without having to NOT 
have your doc behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  imagine how that feels?  i can't and i 
want to help this girl!  she may be one of the people who have to learn 
EVERYTHING FROM US AND THE BOOK......... but she will make it as many 
i'm not directing this at anyone....it's just regarding the doctor not 
supporting her and just happens to coincide with teh post about THE BOOk and 
ironically THE BOOk may be just what and all she needs and can get right 
now..........but she's going to make it!  JAKI PADILLA, YOU ARE GOING TO GET 
ON THE PUMP......DONT GIVE UP!  YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!  we are all here 
for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gina, mr clicks (MM508) & mr pokey (FreeStyle meter)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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