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This is not a flame. And it would be great Lori to be able to get medical
advice that knew as much as the authors of pumping insulin do.  Many times
doctors are not as specialized to be able to treat and manage an insulin
pump patient. Especially considering the small volume of pump users over
all. I think that as a diabetic it is best to be as knowledgeable as
possible, and sometimes that is knowing more than our doctors do.  The best
source available is the pumping insulin book, and the book from MiniMed
Insulin Pump therapy book. All in all, as far as a diabetic on infusion
therapy it is the book to live by.  It is a good book of information and
knowledge. Just as the bible is a good book of information an knowledge, and
for a Christian standpoint that is the book to live by.  There is no reason
why we can't incorporate both if your a pumping Christian.

getting paid under the table to push it on us all.   Can't WE just help them
without pushing this book, which, don't get me wrong, IS a great book, but
its NOT the book to live by as you all are making it sound.  Doctor's advice
is the best way to go IMO, and I am allowed my opinion.

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