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[IP] ]The future /implants or no.

"Does anyone wonder why all three Pump companies are approaching the future
of pumping so differently? Mini-Med wants to implant a pump, Animas wants
to implant a glucose sensor and  Disatronic wants to place a catheter into
the portal vein."

I would personally prefer an exterior device so that the question of future
surgeries for repair and such would be minimized. The implantable pump is a
good thought, but right now it is too falliable and not many folks have the
time or money to be scheduling/re-scheduling operations, no matter how

If the concept of the 'closed loop' system such as the disetronic diaport
AND a 24/7 hour sensor could be incorperated--without the implantable
factor, I think many of us would go for that rather than the -for
now-imperfected implantables.

Once the implantables have been refined and perfected, that is another
story. I for one am remaining realistic in the absence of 'perfected'
Cyborgic devices.

Jenny Sutherland
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