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Re: [IP] Addison's Disease

I have had Addison's Disease for the past 2 years.  It's a rare endocrine
condition with an incidence rate of 40 to 60 per million; however, if you
type I diabetes or any other type of autoimmune endocrine conditions,
the chance of getting Addison's is higher (I have type I diabetes and
hypothyroidism).  The primary cause of Addison's is the immune system
attacking the adrenal gland.  The main symptoms I experienced were fatigue,
weight loss, decreased appetite, low blood pressure, darkening skin,
and yes - hypoglycemia.  The adrenal gland causes internal stores of glucose
to be released when your blood sugar gets low.  Without this mechanism
working, hypoglycemia becomes more common and severe.  Before I started
treatment for Addisons, I had a number of severe episodes of hypoglycemia
and this was after I had cut my insulin dosage by about 40%.   Addisons is
relatively easy to treat with oral medication and my symptoms disappeared
soon after I started treatment.  Addisons has a significant on impact on
with your blood sugars becoming more variable.  You definitely have to work
harder to control your diabetes if you have Addisons.
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