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Re: [IP] Quick Set Question For Sylvia (Josh's Mom)


  YES, we are still using the Mastisol with the  Quick sets.  I don't want to 
take a chance of having the sites come out, especially now that the weather 
is warming up a bit. And I just ordered a three month supply of the Quick 
sets from MM today.  They said they have to call me back to tell me when they 
will ship??!!  Has anyone heard about any back orders on these sets??  Oh and 
we did one of the samples on his hiney and one on his tummy so he could see 
how it disconnects.  Hard to do on the hiney!!

   ALSO...and this is a BIGGIE for us.....HE DID IT!!!!!!  Josh did his first 
site by himself tonight, including priming the tubing and everything.  We 
were switching from the Dis to the MM set so needed new tubing as well.  And 
he was finally able to push the button...(insertion device for MM) for the 
first time without backing out or screaming or anything elses.....  

  For you guys who don't know us this really is a very BIG DEAL for us!!  
Thanks for letting me share!!

mom to Joshua...who really did it!!!
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