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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder


I dealt with a frozen left shoulder.  It is fine today.  But it took two
years.  The first year with a frozen shoulder, I had aggressive PT, then had
it scoped (unnecessary surgery), then had it manipulated under anethesia.
All of these things did nothing but make matters worse.  I finally gave up
on it all, let mother nature take its course, then did light stretches.
Over time (1 year), it healed completely.

Then I injured and froze my right shoulder.  I attempted light PT, then gave
up realizing that mother nature needed to be the first course of action.  It
has been 1 year and I have seen significant improvement.  I expect to fully
recover in time.

My experience has been that any aggressive action to break up the scaling
that causes a frozen shoulder does nothing but impede the recovery (make
matters worse).  Light stretching - short of any pain - was the most
beneficial in my case.  It was slow, but I did find progress.   I hope you
have success as well.

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Subject: [IP] Frozen Shoulder, Hand Cysts = Irritable Pumper?

> Hi.
> I haven't been on in a while.
> I have two problems with my left arm that are driving me crazy.
> One is continuing frozen shoulder.  I am coming up on my 2-year
> with this stupid thing and wondering if it is forever.  My GP seems to
> assume that it will never really "get better"--she says I'll know what
> of disability I'm going to be left with after another 3 years time.  I've
> read that frozen shoulder eventually "goes away" of its own accord.  What
> does this mean?  That it will stop hurting when I try to move beyond a
> certain point?  That I'll regain my range of motion?  What do I make of
> my GP says?
> I have given up on physical therapy--it hurt like hell and only modestly
> improved my range of motion.  I stretch when the damn shoulder isn't
> actively aching--but it seems like every time I do exercise, it activates
> the pain again, and I have to lay off.  The arm is functional . . .
> I have had to make many adaptations in daily living.  I cannot reach up
> high with the affected arm.  I automatically use my right arm to reach for
> the shoulder belt.  I sleep on my back or right side (though all my life,
> slept on my left side, and I do not believe I now sleep as well).  I shrug
> my coat off.  That sort of thing.  But I still do stuff: carry groceries,
> gardening and yardwork, etc.  Activity frequently hurts the arm, and I
> a course between trying to ignore it, and trying not to aggravate it to
> point that I'll be forced to take pain meds.
> That's the shoulder.  The other problem is with my hand.  There are two
> lumps in the palm that hurt if any pressure is applied to them.  My GP
> she thinks they are cysts on the tendon(s).  When I saw her, she advised
> to wait a month or two and see if it (at the time, there was only one)
> continued to bother me.  She didn't think it would get larger.  Well, it's
> been a month, and it is slowly but surely getting larger (plus, I've
> discovered a second one), and it hurts.  She has now referred me to a
> plastic surgeon.  Has anyone had this surgery?  Will the cysts come back?
> How long does recovery take?  My job involves use of a keyboard, but not a
> lot of straight typing (I'm a programmer/systems analyst).
> Not surprisingly, I guess, I am one very irritable pumper!  I mean,
> the pump and dealing with the inconveniences of doing so (catching my
> on drawer edges and bed posts and robe ties; having several problem sets
> a row; running out of insulin when I am already late to work; etc.) are
> really getting to me right now.  Far more than usual.  Is this because of
> the arm problems?  Because my A1C still isn't what my endo/GP would like
> to be (last one was 8.8), even though I do my best?  Troubles finding
> that work and don't itch too much?  Work stress (I've had to do quite a
> of OT lately)?  I don't know what to make of it.  I am not seriously
> thinking of going off the pump, but I just don't feel blessed by the fact
> that I have it, as I once did.
> I'm not depressed, per se (I have chronic clinical depression, but it is
> currently pretty well controlled by my meds), just . . . very irritable.
> swear a lot about (and sometimes at) my pump.
> Okay, this is too long already, so I'll shut up.  Any advice, comments,
> statements of empathy, etc. much appreciated.
> Please,please post me direct--I can't seem to keep up on the digests!
> Laurel
> Laurel Sedgwick
> email @ redacted
> Type I; DXed 12/74; pumping with MM507/sils since May 1998.
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