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[IP] Diabesity (obesity and DM used as a new term)

Is anyone else bothered by the news medias big frenzy lately about  how
diabetes has become epidemic in America?  They don't bother to call it Type
2 just "diabetes".  Then they call it the "lifestyle disease' (I've even
heard it referred to as "Diabesity", combining diabetes and obesity) and
make it seem like if only people would not eat unhealthy and exercise more
they wouldn't have got it in the first place.  I feel like when people learn
that I'm a diabetic now, they will be secretly thinking "Well, she brought
it on herself".  It just bothers me because the ignorance surrounding this
disease is sometimes the worst part about having it. If the media could give
accurate information it would help SO much but in fact, all that is
happening is that it is perpetuating myths surrounding DM.  It's not fair to
Type 1's or Type 2's.

What are your thoughts on the new term "Diabesity"?
kindest regards,
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