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no flame here!  Just some additional thoughts.

On 18 Apr 2001, at 18:51, Lori A. Willey wrote:

> I have one question, and I do NOT have PMS, so please don't go there. (vbg)

 :-)  I'm in P(ost)MS myself, so I'm in a really good mood (partly 
because during the next two weeks, my bgs will be MUCH easier 
to control).

> Who started this thing with calling Pumping Insulin "THE BOOK"??? This is

It can be confusing to newbies who might not be aware of it yet.

>and its getting on
> my nerves to keep hearing this book pushed on almost everyone and anyone new
> and having a problem. If I didn't know better I would say someone was
> getting paid under the table to push it on us all.   

dang.  I *wish* I was being paid to!  :-D

Can't WE just help them
> without pushing this book, which, don't get me wrong, IS a great book, but
> its NOT the book to live by as you all are making it sound.  Doctor's advice
> is the best way to go IMO, and I am allowed my opinion.

Absolutely doctor's advice is good.  however, it's just never enough 
ya know?  I fax my numbers to my endo and through a NP on the 
phone I hear what changes she wants me to make, but the NP can 
never explain why, so I have to wait until my appt (and hope I 
remember the question that long!) to find out the reasoning behind 
it.  I absolutely need A Book to help me understand these things 
and work them out on my own.  That is, after all, *my* goal in 
diabetes care:  to become as self-sufficient as I can be.  

With that in mind.....  _Pumping Insulin_ is the only book I *know 
of* that addresses the concepts in the way I need them to be 
explained.  So it's the only one that *I* am likely to recommend to 
anyone.  Just like with low-carbing there are only 3 books I'll 
recommend to anyone (because I didn't like the others I read).  I'm 
very biased that way. :-)

Finally, yeah, we can teach it here.  But I'm just lazy enough 
(actually *quite* lazy :-P~~) not to want to retype it over and over 
and over and over......  So I'll usually refer people to either a 
website or a book.  

But for clarity, for newbies if no one else, I agree it should probably 
be referred to as _Pumping Insulin_.
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