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[IP] need help

Eve's bg are really out of whack. We want to do basal rate testing, but
after reading the procedures on the IP web site, we can't even start. She is
almost never in the range to start (65 to 165) and the day before we want to
do this she is always way too high. We feel that some of the highs are
rebounds. Eve doesn't feel any lows including the 40 ( it took 30 grams of
carbo and off the pump for 45 mins. to raise her to 104 1 1/2 hours later)
she got on a routine test before gym less than 2 hours post breakfast last
week. See how to profile basal rates on the IP web site. Her doctor is no
help here. Her doctor won't put her on the cgms.

Last Wednesday she was home from school sick(cold), so I checked bg more
frequently and found that she was 70 less then 2 hours after breakfast and
was 70 less then 2 hours after lunch and was 70 2 hours after supper. When
we gave her a juice with out bolusing  when she was 70, she had perfect
numbers at the next meals. This was on a day that all she did was rest.

The days that she goes to school she will be somewhere between 40 and 350 on
the routine test before gym and about 200+ on a 2 hour post lunch. This is
why I think that some of the highs are rebounds. If she doesn't test 2 hours
post lunch she is any where from 350 to 500 after school at 3:00p.m. This
has been getting worse since her doctor has increased her basal rate. She
eats lunch at 10:30am. Her doctor said pretty much said that the test done
on the day she was sick didn't mean much, and only wants her to test 2 hour
post meal never before the 2 hours are up. I feel that she is going low
somewhere 1 hour or 1 1/2 post meal. One day Eve was 128 at 3:30 and had a
slice of store bought bread and 2 hours later she was 445!

At this point I'm really frustrated. I feel like I'm between a rock and a
hard place, can't do basal test b/c she is never in range to do them and the
doctor won't place her on the cgms.

Deborah mom to Eve 13.75
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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