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Re: [IP] Questions about batteries, weight, and average time to figure basal rates....

> First of all, this one is for anyone on the MM508, Do you change your
> batteries every 6 weeks, or is it ok to let the pump alarm you when they
> are low, then change the batteries?

I use the 508 - about 45 units/day with the remote enabled and vibrate mode
disabled - and change by batteries when I get the alarm. For the last 3
battery changes they lasted 25,26 & 27 days.

> I have lost 10lbs since starting on humalog. (loss of 2-3lbs a month)
> My doctor says that most people gain weight with the pump.

Since going on the pump 12/2/2000 I have lost 26 lb. (225 to 199). In my
case the reason is very obvious. Before pumping I was using approx. 95-100
units/day and eating about 350-390 g of carbs. Now I am using 45 units/day
and eating 200-240 g carbs/day. This is completely satisfying and all I want
to eat. Neither I nor my doctor had realized the eat-more-to-cover-the
insulin  and take-more-insulin-to-cover-the-food cycle I had gotten into.

> How long is the average time to figure out basal rates when starting
> on the pump?

For me I started pumping on 12/2/2000 .I made adjustments to the basal rates
on 12/4, 12/7, 12/13, 12/27, 1/13/2001 and 3/2/2001. I'm pretty comfortable
with the current rates. So depending on how you count it took about 40 days
to get it close to right and 100 days to fine tune it.
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