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[IP] Teaching the professionals

Rachel wrote:
>>> So far all the endocrinologist are in favor of this group.  Any suggestion
as to what is good material to start with (i.e. carb counting, sick days..ect)
or information that you know now and wish someone would have taught you in the
beginning would be helpfull. >>>

When you talk about *in the beginning* - I think I can relate to that since I
started pumping in '83. We had only one basal and whole-unit delivery. But,
since that time, some of the things I have learned from the 'net that I have
not been kept up with:
BGs are not for information only - they are used to make corrections or eat
something. Yes, at a normal level you do not need to act, but it is
unnecessary to remain at 200.
The 0.5u prime after the introducer needle is withdrawn from the Sof-Set goes
INSIDE the body. I used straight needle sets that came directly out the end of
the tubing and the needle was primed so no additional prime was needed. No one
taught me I needed to prime inside me and I was in the 300s after every site
change for a few years. I accepted it.
With each new pump, I needed a trainer (didn't have one) because of the new
features. I got in dire straits changing from #1 pump to #2 pump. I will
eventually learn. ;)
Even though I was congratulated by my endo for an 8.2 A1c, that is NOT GOOD to
live out of the normal range.
Covering ingested carbs with the proper amount of insulin relieves a lot of
guilt that you aren't doing something wrong. It's so easy to tell someone else
what to do.

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