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[IP] Questions about batteries, weight, and average time to figure basal rates....

First of all, this one is for anyone on the MM508, Do you change your 
batteries every 6 weeks, or is it ok to let the pump alarm you when they are 
low, then change the batteries?  I don't have any insurance, so I figured 
maybe I could just wait until the pump alarmed me that they were low, then 
change them, to save a little money...

Second Question, I think I asked this one before, but didn't get much of a 
response, I have only been using Humalog since December, and started pumping 
March 28th. I have lost 10lbs since starting on humalog. (loss of 2-3lbs a 
month) My doctor says that most people gain weight with the pump, I guess it 
could be that I no longer have a lot of lows, so no need to eat extra 
carbs... I don't know it just seems kind of strange.

Third and last question... How long is the average time to figure out basal 
rates when starting on the pump?  I have been pumping for 3 weeks, with no 
great success. I felt better the first week or so, but I am still having a 
lot of highs, especially at 2:00a.m.
I am taking twice as much insulin during this time...I am working with my 
CDE, but I am feeling frustrated...but I would NEVER go back to MDI again!!!  
Still like my pump, but wish I had better results. 
Stephanie Olivieri
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