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[IP] Frozen Shoulder, Hand Cysts = Irritable Pumper?


I haven't been on in a while.

I have two problems with my left arm that are driving me crazy.

One is continuing frozen shoulder.  I am coming up on my 2-year anniversary
with this stupid thing and wondering if it is forever.  My GP seems to
assume that it will never really "get better"--she says I'll know what level
of disability I'm going to be left with after another 3 years time.  I've
read that frozen shoulder eventually "goes away" of its own accord.  What
does this mean?  That it will stop hurting when I try to move beyond a
certain point?  That I'll regain my range of motion?  What do I make of what
my GP says?

I have given up on physical therapy--it hurt like hell and only modestly
improved my range of motion.  I stretch when the damn shoulder isn't
actively aching--but it seems like every time I do exercise, it activates
the pain again, and I have to lay off.  The arm is functional . . . barely.
I have had to make many adaptations in daily living.  I cannot reach up very
high with the affected arm.  I automatically use my right arm to reach for
the shoulder belt.  I sleep on my back or right side (though all my life, I
slept on my left side, and I do not believe I now sleep as well).  I shrug
my coat off.  That sort of thing.  But I still do stuff: carry groceries, do
gardening and yardwork, etc.  Activity frequently hurts the arm, and I steer
a course between trying to ignore it, and trying not to aggravate it to the
point that I'll be forced to take pain meds.

That's the shoulder.  The other problem is with my hand.  There are two
lumps in the palm that hurt if any pressure is applied to them.  My GP says
she thinks they are cysts on the tendon(s).  When I saw her, she advised me
to wait a month or two and see if it (at the time, there was only one)
continued to bother me.  She didn't think it would get larger.  Well, it's
been a month, and it is slowly but surely getting larger (plus, I've
discovered a second one), and it hurts.  She has now referred me to a
plastic surgeon.  Has anyone had this surgery?  Will the cysts come back?
How long does recovery take?  My job involves use of a keyboard, but not a
lot of straight typing (I'm a programmer/systems analyst).

Not surprisingly, I guess, I am one very irritable pumper!  I mean, wearing
the pump and dealing with the inconveniences of doing so (catching my tubing
on drawer edges and bed posts and robe ties; having several problem sets in
a row; running out of insulin when I am already late to work; etc.) are just
really getting to me right now.  Far more than usual.  Is this because of
the arm problems?  Because my A1C still isn't what my endo/GP would like it
to be (last one was 8.8), even though I do my best?  Troubles finding sites
that work and don't itch too much?  Work stress (I've had to do quite a bit
of OT lately)?  I don't know what to make of it.  I am not seriously
thinking of going off the pump, but I just don't feel blessed by the fact
that I have it, as I once did.

I'm not depressed, per se (I have chronic clinical depression, but it is
currently pretty well controlled by my meds), just . . . very irritable.  I
swear a lot about (and sometimes at) my pump.

Okay, this is too long already, so I'll shut up.  Any advice, comments,
statements of empathy, etc. much appreciated.

Please,please post me direct--I can't seem to keep up on the digests!


Laurel Sedgwick
email @ redacted

Type I; DXed 12/74; pumping with MM507/sils since May 1998.
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