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[IP] Addison's disease

Hi Carol (and others)

I've had Addison's for 30 years. In it's primary form, it's related to DM
(auto immune in orgin) except it relates to your adrenals (an alternative 
name would be Adrenal Insufficiency.)

A blood test for your electrolyte balance (sodium , potassium) would be a start.

Some symptoms might be:
darkened skin (Melatonin), craving salt, crying (unable to handle stress) etc.
I haven't heard of hypoglycemia myself.

It fairly easy to treat with steroids on a maintenance level.  One tends to
dose lower these days to prevent osteoporosis. Too late for me :~)

A percentage of Addisonians have DM .  Also thyroid insufficiency (Hashimoto's)

There is a great paper newsletter produced by a parent that is really great.  
Addison News.  Joan Hoffman   email @ redacted

Also there is a Canadian Addison Society   email @ redacted

I haven't found AD to be much of a problem- as long as you keep your pills on
hand and know how to adjust your dose.  JFK was an Addisonian!

DM content: been on the pump for a week. Have dropped it 3 times, have run out
on insulin, have had unexpected highs, but otherwise... it seems to be a good gig.

Bob Alexander \ Syracuse NY
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