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[IP] Diabeti-Sweet???

> has anyone tried the sweetener DiabetiSweet?  it's claimed to be just like 
>  sugar texture and you can bake with it and has no 
>  aftertaste........anyone??????

I bought a can of it the weekend after my daughter was diagnosed --  before I 
knew anything about "sugar free" not really being what I needed to look for 
on labels . . . Once we got more education the following week, I realized 
that I had wasted my money -- I never even opened the can.

Sure, it is "no sugar" --  but it's NOT "no carb" . . . If I remember 
correctly, DiabetiSweet had almost as many carbs as regular sugar, but only 
about half as many calories.  I figure it's just one more thing companies are 
marketing to Type 2s who don't get good education about nutrition and 

Knowing what I know now -- we either use regular sugar (for special occasion 
baking where it makes a difference in the recipe) or we use Splenda (which 
has zero calories, virtually zero carbs, and no aftertaste).  

You can use Splenda cup for cup to replace sugar in recipes and it bakes just 
fine (some no carb sweeteners don't do well with being heated).  However, it 
does have a slightly fluffier texture than regular granulated sugar (more 
"grainy") and it does make a very slight difference in *some* of my baking (a 
couple Christmas holiday recipes -- one of which needs powdered sugar).  

Day-in, day-out we mostly use Splenda on things like cereal, cinnamon toast, 

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