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Re: [IP] Thank you all!!

> Any suggestion as to what is good
> material to start with (i.e. carb counting, sick days..ect) or
> information that you know now and wish someone would have taught you
> in the beginning would be helpfull.Please e-mail me

Consider what the endo & CDE can and do teach you initially and then 
cover everything else. There are several levels

1) pumping 1A for the non-pumper
  what is a pump, how does it work, why is it better/worse than MDI
2) pumping 1B for the newbie pumper who's been at it a week
  where to get info on carb counting, weights and volumes of foods,  
  scales, measurements
3) pumping 1C secrets you don't want to learn the hard way
  how to manage you pump, profiling and adjusting basal rates
  problems with allergys to tape, sets, insulin; getting the sets to 
  stick when swimming, or on your kid, sweat
4) pumping 1D so you think you know it all heh...
  what's a GUSHER, bg's and sports, where to put your pump when 
  swimming, playing contact sports; what to do when you run out of 
  insulin or your set comes off - spare supplies; low battery alarm
  site corruption

5) I bet there is a 5, just ran out of ideas.

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