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[IP] Re: Education for professionals (was...Need Everyone's help

>>This would be terrific, and is something that should
> >have been done decades ago.  Please don't limit it to
> >your hospital alone.  In my prior posts I have been
> >amazed at the lack of knowledge, not only of pumps
> >but of diabetes (especially T1) in general.  To
> >treat a low they had to search around for crackers
> >and a juice, when a glucose tab would be easily
> >stored, quicker and would work better.

Some of us have been educating professionals for some time.
In many hospitals this needs to occur yearly, as new
residents (interns and medical students) and new nursing
staff are hired all the time and many staff move on or are
promoted to other positions. The other problem related to
this is that many hospitals have cut staff in the
professional education and diabetes education programs so
there are fewer qualified people to teach the information.

I moved on from my former position when our diabetes center
staff was cut from 7 to 2 CDEs. I used to do a lot of that

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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